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Case study: How a construction firm uses virtual cards for greater security and spend control
February 8, 2023

Here’s how one Canadian construction firm with more than 250 employees used Caary’s virtual cards to streamline supplier payments and better control employee spend ? 

Virtual cards for supplier payments 

BIG WIN: The company dedicated virtual cards for key suppliers, including Wolseley, Noble, Bartle & Gibson and other building supply companies. They also issued one-time virtual cards for one-off suppliers. This simplified reconciliation and enhanced security for large purchases of up to $30k. 


  • When you issue individual cards for suppliers, you can easily monitor spend and set spend limits to ensure you’re not overcharged. 
  • If a supplier suffers a data breach or processes an unauthorized charge, simply cancel or re-issue one card without worrying about the others. 
  • Connect your Caary account with QuickBooks or Xero and watch expenses and receipts flow seamlessly to your accounting system.

Virtual cards for employee use 

BIG WIN: The company previously had 30 physical cards for employee use through their incumbent bank. By issuing virtual cards for employees from the Caary platform, the company had an easier time controlling spend, tracking receipts and reconciling expenses.  


  • Issue unlimited virtual cards for employees, eliminating card sharing and allowing for greater visibility into employee and team spend. 
  • Set custom spend limits and expiry dates to control budget for employees, teams and projects.  
  • Each cardmember has their own account where they can manage cards and receipts in the Caary mobile app. Employees are prompted to easily upload receipts for each transaction via email or their mobile phone.  

About virtual cards 

No plastic, no problem! Virtual cards come with all the benefits of your standard credit card, but they provide greater security and control, and you don’t have to worry about losing them or fishing them out of your wallet.  

Each virtual Caary Business Mastercard® has a unique 16-digit number, expiry date and security code that you can securely access from the Caary mobile app or add to your mobile wallet. Unlike physical cards, virtual cards are ready to use instantly – no waiting by the mailbox.

Construction companies ? virtual cards 

Virtual cards are ideal for businesses that pay suppliers and subscriptions and issue credit cards for employees. If you run a construction company, you’re probably thinking, “hey, that’s me.” Caary serves several small and medium-sized construction businesses, and we’ve seen first-hand how they benefit from the Caary platform, including the ability to issue virtual cards on demand. 

Ready to start issuing virtual cards for suppliers and employees? Apply for Caary here. Want to learn more about virtual cards first? Find out why Caary’s CEO, Chris Whyte, is such a fan